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Ceramic Evolution

In the long human evolutionary course the “technology” is initially limited only in the forming and shaping, of existing natural materials. The production of new materials like the ceramics presents the first technological revolution in human history which occurred only in the last 9000 years. It was most probably the result of the combination of two long-existing independent experiences; the pyro tehnology for burning limestone, and the molding of raw clay. The scientific techniques developed and applied in the last 30 years, have lead to remarkable discoveries about the knowledge of ancient potters. We now know how the pottery technology developed, how the raw materials were selected and treated, how the kiln atmosphere and temperature was controlled and how the different decoration colours and contrasts were obtained. It begins with the very early attempts of potters to produced desired colours for the body and decoration and ends with the ingenious manipulation of materials, kiln atmospheres and temperatures to produce the high technology black and red glosses in the Classical period.

"Innovation, Product quality and Customers service"

Nevia Tiles is pioneer establishment in Tiles Industry to accomplishment of international trade and service's needs. Its high rate of modernization makes this company apart from the rest, precisely because of its versatility and ability to react and adapt to customer needs. Nevia Tiles is provided combination of customized service and products.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best product as per demand of customer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow as a reputed Venture- by retaining the best quality in our products and making our beloved customer satisfied, by catering the best services.


clients satisfaction

Nevia bound to give satisfaction by contributing our part of betterment of the world too fulfill every possible needs of customers.

Nevia's Uniqness (USP)

Nevia feel the Uniqness in quality aspects and to inspiration for tiles business & entrepreneur.


Research And Development

New horizons in style and technology

Nevia tiles has always invested in research and development to perfect its state-of-the-art ceramics that reflect the latest innovations in style and technology.

Raw materials and ceramic finishes are the focus of our research and experimentation: patterns, nuances, complex visual effects are the result of a design that focuses on the perfection and definition of new production horizons.

The superior quality of these products that understand planners, designers and architects’ needs is the result of a production process that is attentive to contemporary trends and sensitive to technological progress.

Our stoneware, a material that stands out for its communicative power, is constantly analysed. new horizons are reached with materials that take on an unprecedented range of form and colour.

Our Group Of Company

Nevia Tiles is group of companies of Winmax Vitrified Parking Tiles, Winmax Plus wall tiles and Sunflora Vitrified are leading Exporter of Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles. Company has joint venture with state of the art facility manufacturing units to provide premium products under the quality standard of ISO. Nevia Tiles is working with large range of designs and sizes of Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles. Company believes only on innovation and quality thus Company is committed to provide best quality with acceptable prices.

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